You're Mine Again (2014)

by Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra

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I see a place I see a time I visualise it I see your grace I see your pride I memorise it I scan her name I mark her time I pressurise her I am the bane I am the lie the divisor.
Take me down to the party-line Lead me along your shivering spine. Lead me down, lead me Lead me down Lois - oh Lois - did I every do you harm? Did any of my decisions cross the line? Have you ever felt the power rise inside? Or do you feel wronged by my love affair with might? Raoul, oh Raoul, bloodied and uncrowned I’ve seen you reel - but only briefly. And the light is changing in your room Do you get hot when you dream about might?
Got no scarf Got no bread Got no shoes No more meds But I’ve got you In my twin bed Don’t worry about the pills It’s just a thing I read Lost my mind near the waterline. Looked up to the great Divine. When I emerged from the bushes outside… I came out streamlined. And the body’s bound to age And ambition’s bound to fade some more And the heart is bound to fail And love is lost I’ve lost my marbles again tonight… and it makes me wonder about Death and the rest. Cold heart
I’d lay a fairy upon my knee - but where and how? I’d live all of my life under the fairy-tree. I’d hatch, falling from grey airplanes - and catching water-snakes! (“The original best-seller!” - don’t call me professor) But I’m a water-mile - Omar Sharif style. I’ll never be lonely or cold. Oh shit I’ll never get in trouble anymore. Now how exactly do you mean to fade? Argentina or Spain?
Take a step closer and meet the man who is convinced he’s the only one left. In a few minutes he’ll be ready to float. They say he’s quite eager to launch the boat. But what if the lock was in the ice? What if the key went down the drain? “Come on down where it’s safer!” “Come on down where it’s warm!” “Through the barking and the snarling!” “Through the winter and into the fading snow!” When he was finished, he got up and said: “There’s no way in the world this’ll happen again.” The next few minutes were quite a shame. There was no one around as he shot through the waves. No one except Lucy and his fellow marines. They flew in closer as he shot through his dream. “Come on down where it’s safer!” “Come on down where it’s warm!” “Through the barking and the snarling!” “Through the winter and into the fading snow!”
There’s a poster on the wall, and a woman on my arm. I get up somehow, got to make it out - she’s on the lookout for my bones. I only prize you when I’m gone from the haven of our home. And there’s no hiding from my charms now, better look out now - the man’s in town. (I can’t explain - I’ll think it over.) (I saw my life run over) …and the tour went on. Woke up in Milan. And I’ve been thinking about planetary lines and the woman on my arm. And the train roared on. What a great day to move on. And the beer turns to lust and tears - gotta make a run. Gotta make a run.
Late at night I have this dream: your silhouette in the ravine. I’ve had enough adventure for a while - why would I lie? “Get back home from work before you get real hurt.” “Play around in the sun! Have your place redone!” Down in the lobby by the chairs, not a cigarette to spare. Waiting for the lucky dawn - when will you be gone? “Lover, dear lover, complaining every night” “That I sound just like my mother every time we fight.” It’s a tangle like no other - gotta be careful some more. Or I’ll end up like my father: kicked right out the door! (There was no one else in town - no one but you, not a sound)
I. I thought there was someone to hear me call But I was mistaken - there was no-one there at all I’m heading down to feed my brother. I’m heading down to Needy-Town But I’m not down yet - I’m still living with my mother You know next year I’ll be living with my girl Thought I saw someone I knew in a movie today But I was mistaken - it was only a cloud in her shape Down in the salt pan, I met up with my brother Down in the salt mine, I fed him good and I fed him well Down in the death pan, man and dog they felt my hunger Down in the death mine, they fed me good and they fed me well Yeah I’m the DOGMAN - I’ll take your sleep with my HUNGER Yeah I’m the DOGCHILD - I’ll feed my DEATH into your WORLD Down in the death pan, men and dogs they took my hunger Down in the death mine, they fed me God they fed me Hell II. And I couldn’t talk properly for two months. And my father said I was going to have to write. And he said he would help me with the spelling. And he pointed out the difficult words and spelled them with care. And I thought: “I don’t need these words anyway”. And he helped me with the spelling of my NAME. And my name is a palindrome. And it can be read identically from both sides, each side having a different meaning. And I will speak my name aloud and spell it slowly until it is complete. And last summer I had my wisdom teeth coming in all wrong and I was in great pain. And the weather was unbearably hot and dry. And I live on a lake that has odd magnetic properties which affect my conscience in different ways. And the name of the lake is a PALINDROME. And it can be read identically from both sides. And both sides have the same meaning. The meaning is “CONCEAL”. The meaning is “CONCEAL”. And I remember saying to myself: “I have to do something”. And I remember saying to myself: “I have to do something”. And I remember not being able to write it down for my father because my hand was unsteady. And I dipped my hand in the cold water of the lake. And it helped. III. And I try to read a book a month at least and I try every now and then to join groups who help me identify and reinforce my positive traits and I will use avoidance and collaboration and I will now express my thoughts in a clear MANNER and I will reinforce my leadership upon those who surround me and I understand that I need to make some changes and I’m prepared for what’s coming next I’m prepared for what’s coming next I’m prepared for what’s coming next I’m prepared for what’s coming next
Enchantée 03:29
Tout ce temps que j’avais cru utile S’est avéré être bien futile Tous ces efforts pour presque rien Je m’en vais C’est fini Tout ce temps que j’avais cru utile S’est avéré être bien fragile Toutes ces heures à vouloir essayer C’est terminé Je m’en vais T’auras plus La paillasse Que j’étais Pour torcher Ton mal-être J’abandonne C’était malhonnête Pourquoi donc ? Je n’en puis plus C’est comme ça C’est perdu J’en peux plus C’est fini Tout ce temps que j’avais cru futile S’est avéré être très utile Toutes ces larmes, ces fioles vidées Ont bien servi Enchantée Je veux être Ta carpette Pour torcher Ton mal-être Je disparaîtrai Je ferai En sorte d’être honnête Pourquoi donc ? Je ne sais pas… C’est comme ça Ca commence



“Rarely could the sound of a broken heart be heard as sharply as on this record” - Spex Magazine (n°354 / July 2014)

“Confidently produced but never seeming falsely inflated for its own purposes, “You’re Mine Again” runs the gamut from pristine pop inflection to glossy electronic experimentation to a minimalist synth-based execution” - Nooga (June 2014)

“Comme un tarot fantasmatique où s’accoupleraient velours et beats” - Rif Raf Magazine (Juin 2014)

“Your fertility will improve massively every time the record is played (but your love life will suffer tremendously)” - Nick


released June 23, 2014

Written and performed by Nick Grey, Louis Pontvianne, Boyarin and Peter James, in Montréal, Monaco and Edinburgh between 2012 and 2013, except "Enchantée" written and performed by Sarah Maison. Additional vocals on "In The Ravine" by Jennifer Jo Oakley.

Produced by Nick Grey.

Mixed and mastered by Peter James in Edinburgh, may/june 2013.

Please do not play this record while in a state of romantic agitation.

LABEL: Milk & Moon Recordings

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all rights reserved



Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra Berlin, Germany

Nick Grey has been releasing experimental yet highly emotional music since 2002. His songs are an expressive, soulful blend of torpid acoustic arrangements and unpredictable electronics, underlined by melancholic and often ironic lyrics.
“Eccentric and highly literary” - The Wire.
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